About Us

The Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa is the latest inclusion in Siem Reap’s international luxury resort market and this is a truly unique product that will satisfy the expectations of the most discerning traveler. From the grandeur of the cathedral like ceilings of the lobby to the sense of intrigue as you wonder on your voyage of discovery through the split level mezzanine floors and grounds of the resort, your imagination can’t help but be drawn into the culture surrounding you.

After you’ve unwrapped the many layers of Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa it will leave you with an indelible image of what it means to experience quality service during your adventures through the mysteries of Indochina. You’ll also understand the culture and lifestyle of the Khmer people, a people whose history is steeped in a tradition of offering respect and generosity to visitors and whose pleasure it is to ensure your expectations are met with a high degree of personal care.

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